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Reviews of previous Academies

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Some Statements:

"The Cologne Academy was phenomenal and the faculty stupendous. The interactive sessions with video presentations and scenarios are something not to be found in any normal academy."
Ashutosh Ray (Arbitration 2010)

"A unique experience and a perfect mixture of high quality purified academic learning and the utmost fun in both the learning experience and the social activities."
Michael Vitan (Mediation 2010)

"The Cologne Academy was a highly practical opportunity to improve skills and knowledge in ADR with excellent faculty, a realistic case study and very nice participants."
Stephan Renzl (Mediation 2010, Arbitration 2011)

"The Cologne Academy provided me with a good insight into the challenges and opportunities inherent in mediation. It was both enjoyable and informative, excellent, professional, practical and very well organized."
Kennedy O. Odhiambo (Mediation 2010)

"My participation at the 2007 academy was a breakthrough in my career today, as a peace builder."
James Enosegbe (Arbitration 2007)

"I really enjoyed the opportunity this gave me to learn more about dispute resolution. I am encouraging all my students to experience the one-week summer course in one of the exciting cities in Germany."
Zeynep Derya Tarman (Arbitration 2004, Mediation 2009)

"A must for every young lawyer seeking its way into international arbitration."
Kristof Cox (Arbitration 2006)

"I was keen to discover other ways of dispute resolution. At the Cologne Academy I learned many useful mediation and negotiation skills. These few days broadened my horizons in many ways."
Ulrich Kopetzki (Mediation 2011, Arbitration 2012)

"The atmosphere at the Cologne Academies is amazing. I gathered firsthand knowledge about how lawyers in other countries think and practice, as well as great opportunities to form professional relations that will facilitate future international cooperation."
Alia Algazzar (Arbitration 2011)

"The Academy provides a unique opportunity to practice two consecutive programs, Mediation and Arbitration, with both academic and practical training, intensive lectures by leading experts, and interactive simulations - an unforgettable experience."
Melih Sisa (Arbitration 2012, Mediation 2013)

"The Cologne Academy provided me with a new and deeper awareness of int. arbitration thanks to intensive lectures and simulations. After just a few days, I found myself back at my desk dealing with contractual arbitration clauses in a more professional way!"
Marzia Carla Iosini (Arbitration 2012)

"The Academy was a perfect mix of academic and practical training managed by leading experts in the area. The vivid discussions and interaction were spiced up by the multi-cultural environment that we were in. This was an experience worth to go through!"
Bogdana Depo (Mediation 2012)

"What makes the Cologne Academy truly exceptional is its skills-oriented approach. The workshops and simulations provide its participants with the knowledge that can readily be used in real arbitration cases."
Ani Nozadze (Arbitration 2013)

"The Academy is a terrific way to learn the building blocks of mediation. It is high on learning, interaction, energy, and most of all - fun! It will certainly go a long way in shaping the course of my career."
Shraddha Bhosale (Mediation 2014)

"The Arbitration Academy has not only provided me with a better insight into International Arbitration, but has also connected me with several like minded professionals from various parts of the world."
Shashank Garg (Arbitration 2014)

"The Cologne Academy was an eye opening experience. It opened me new professional perspectives, allowed me to developed new skills, having immediate practical application in my professional but also in my personal life."
Emmylou Boddi (Mediation 2015)

"This course is not focused on traditional theory; instead the teaching directly exposes students to an array of practical skills that are essential for the modern practitioner. A skill building opportunity, not to be missed."
David A.G. Lewis (Arbitration 2015, Mediation 2016)

"The skill-building simulation exercises which enabled participants to actually place themselves in the shoes of the parties to a mediated negotiation process were among the Academy's many strong points!"
Nwamaka Rosemary Okany (Mediation 2016)

"The quality and experience of the lecturers was most impressive. I was also very happy with the variety of the formal and informal sessions and feel much more confident about the direction of my career."
Liliana Moldovan (Arbitration 2015, Mediation 2016)

"A state-of-the-art event in ADR that brings together international arbitration and mediation superheroes, superbly competent organisers and enthusiastic participants."
Catalina Goanta (Mediation 2016)

"The Academy was really insightful and based on learning by doing. It provides comprehensive materials, resource persons along with oral and written arbitral advocacy, which is rare."
Abinash Barik (Arbitration 2017)

"This was my first introduction to Mediation, and it was such an eye-opening experience."
Rebecca Kumi (Mediation 2017)

"The Academies are very well organized and highly educational, with superb workshop leaders. A perfect introduction into arbitration!"
Dominique Koevets (Arbitration 2018)

"The perspective I gained on arbitration, negotiation and mediation is very precious and unique, enabling me to see the challenges of each ADR method - a rewarding experience that merges together practice and extremely qualified academic knowledge."
Marco Claudio Corradi (Arbitration 2018, Mediation 2019)

"The Cologne Academy is the perfect introduction to the practice of international commercial arbitration. The high quality lectures are flawlessly combined with practical exercises to make the Academy a unique and holistic learning experience."
Yashraj Samant (Arbitration 2019)