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Academy on Business Negotiation and Mediation

The Cologne Mediation/Negotiation Academy is known for its highly interactive and “skills oriented” teaching and training approach. It is addressed to students and young practitioners with no or little experience in the field of ADR.

Under the guidance of highly renowned and experienced professionals you will get actively involved in all stages of an international business mediation. Take the chance to participate in brainstorming or caucus sessions and to improve your problem solving skills required for successful business negotiations and mediations.

What you will gain from this experience is the skill to prevent conflict escalation and (if it comes to that) focus on the key issues of a dispute. These are the core qualities of any lawyer endeavoring to practice in alternative dispute resolution.

The joint social program for the participants of both Academies consists of a guided tour through the ancient city of Cologne, an evening in a traditional Cologne beer house and the famous Academy boat trip on the river rhine with buffet dinner and drinks.

Reception (Evening)


  • Welcome Reception at the Seminar Building of the University of Cologne, Albertus-Magnus-Platz (starting at 6 pm)

Day 1

Negotiation Basics

  • Conflicts & Disputes

  • Escalation of Disputes

  • Negotiation Theories & Tactics

  • Lawyers as Negotiators

  • Competitive/Integrative Bargaining

Sabine Walsh
Mediator, Head of Curriculum Innovation and Learning Design of the Mediator Academy, Ireland

Day 2

The Nature of the Mediation Process

  • Facilitative/Evaluative/Transformative

  • The Mediator`s Role/Mediation Styles

  • Establishing Credibility &Rapport

  • Determining Issues & Interests

  • Breaking up Positional Thinking

Sabine Walsh
Director, Centre for ICT Law at Auckland Law School

Day 3

Gathering Information & Exploring Settlement Options

  • The Role of Law in Mediation

  • Discussions of Legal Issues as BATNA

  • Use of Creativity Techniques

  • Proposals by the Mediator

  • Caucus & Shuttle Mediation

Dr. Martin Svatos
Mediator, President of the Working Group of the ICC Czech Republic for mediation

Day 4

Converting Settlement Issues into Agreement

  • Drafting “SMART” Settlement Terms

  • Commitment of Parties to Settlement Terms

  • “Symbolic Conflict Termination Acts”

  • Limits of Authority and other Problems

  • Success & Failure of Mediation

Professor Dr. Klaus Peter Berger, LL.M.
CENTRAL, University of Cologne

Afternoon (until 3:30 pm)

Joint Session

  • Joint Session with Participants of both Academies
    “Arbitration & Mediation: Differences & Similarities”

Professor Dr. Klaus Peter Berger, LL.M.
CENTRAL, University of Cologne

*changes in program and faculty reserved