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The Cologne Academies

Master Classes of Arbitration and Mediation

For more than a decade, the Cologne Academies on International Commercial Arbitration and Business Mediation have been the starting point for many outstanding careers in the field of international dispute resolution. Our Alumni work with international law firms, renowned arbitral institutions, in-house legal departments of major blue chip companies and international organizations around the globe.

The reason for this enduring success of the Cologne Academies is their unique, highly interactive and extremely practical teaching concept and their faculty of outstanding, highly renowned international arbitration and mediation practitioners.

Conducting two parallel Academies, one on international arbitration and the other on international business mediation, reflects the idea that a detailed knowledge of these two distinct fields complements rather than excludes each other. Indeed, the skills to prevent conflict escalation and (if it comes to that) focus on the key issues of a dispute are the core qualities of any lawyer endeavoring to practice in international alternative dispute resolution.

As a participant in one of the two parallel Academies, you get the rare opportunity to improve – always under the guidance of our faculty members - not only your legal knowledge, but also your advocacy skills which are so vital for a successful career in the field of international commercial arbitration and business mediation. This strong focus on the art of advocacy reflects the vision of Professor Martin Hunter, the Co-founder and Patron of the Cologne Academies.

Apart from this unique learning experience, you will meet and become friends with young lawyers and students from around the world who share your keen interest in international dispute resolution and your desire to learn more about this rapidly growing and fascinating field of transnational business law.

Whether you are a student with little or no experience in this field or a young practitioner, the Cologne Academies will be a milestone in your career in international ADR.

Come to cologne and jumpstart your career in international dispute resolution!